Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our world: facing complex, hydra-headed crises needing complex, integrated responses. Institutions and ideas no longer fit for purpose. The desparate cry for human flourishing within planetary – and human – limitations. In this time and space (wherever we are and are not), we travel through unprecedented destruction and opportunities for renewal (for self, for other, for us). It is at once ancient, familiar and new, this turning – a Great Turning, a Great Transition - transformation. Development. Recovery from addiction (to oil, to growth, to debt, to the future, to substance, to compulsive behavior), a chance, a hope of a new way of living. Recovery and Renewal. Charting navigating adapting seeking: the Beloved Community.

This blog attempts to speak to those who are seeking, experiencing, creating such a world. A blog for the Beloved – and its many manifestations in the textures, movements and music of this world – as we come to know one another in that which is eternal.